Tommy Thompson Park

Tommy Thompson Park is a low-key, man-made peninsula of green-space located minutes from downtown that provides the best view of the Toronto skyline. Fishing is also legal in the area. Its a big stretch of road with many hiking paths, so make sure you get your bike fully pumped and ready to go or your running shoes on. Some people like to jog, some like to take a walk and do photography.

If your looking for a relaxing fun free escape from the craze of the city. Tommy Thompson park is a wonderful options to provide you with some peace and distance from the city.

Pack a lunch and bring your bike. Its quite a stretch of road. If you wish to spend a couple hours navigating by foot, remember to bring lots of water to keep hydrated.

There is efforts to create an entirely brand new wetlands habitat in the area. Wildlife is thriving quite well in the region. You may come across rabbits, voles, foxes, coyotes, raccoons, Canadian geese, ducks, cardinals and weasels.

Riverdale Farm

Come see farm animals in Toronto's Cabbagetown community. The doors are open to all from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and weekends.

For more information check out the Riverdale Farm website:

High Park Zoo

Believe it or not but Toronto does have a free alternative to The Toronto Zoo. Located on Deer Pen Road, the animal paddocks have always been one of the most popular attractions, dating back to 1890 when deer were kept in High Park. Today, you will find domestic and exotic species including bison, llamas, peacocks, deer, and sheep.

For more information about operating hours and location, check out the High Park Toronto website:

Allan Gardens

Allan Gardens has flowers and plants of all kinds, including palm trees.

For more information about operating hours and location, check out the Allan Gardens website: